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TPYH2800(3200) Unwound pre-shrinking drier


  To dry all types of fabric.


   The conveyor of one laye is equipped to this machine,it is reliable and easy to repair.The hot air recycling fan is a centrifugal blowing fan specially designed,n can spurt out the hot air at the high speed and pressure.
   Because of the unique nozzle design,advanced technology introduced fron Germany.it can blow the fabric On inany heights from different directions,SO it can realize a best drying result at a shrinking rate of 7%while the fabric goes as wayes.
   Hot air recycl ing system:on option
   PIC+touch screen control system:On option

Technical Specifications

   Drying temperature:100~140C(Vapour heated)
   100~170C(Heat conducting oil heated)
   Evaporation measurement:90(100)kg/h per case
   Number of boxes:4box,5box,6box
   Mechanical speed:3 35m/min
   Working width:2800(3200)mm
   Motor power:4box 71kw、5box 87.5kw、6box 104kw
   Shape size(L×w×H):4box 1 2200×4660(5060)×3320mm
    5box l 4300×4660(5060)×3320mm
    6box l 6400×4660(5060)×3320mm

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