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TPYN2300(2600)vertical carpet pre-shrinking machine

This machine is the expanding shrinkproof finishing macbine for tubular knltting(mainly for pure cotton.mixed
 cotton chemical fibre).
□ The cylinder carpet made of special material is one of parts of this machine,it is good in wear and heat
 resistances.The steam can be provided by a box made of stainless steel,it ischanged freely and supplied when
 tile machine starts There are some organic media(heating 011)in the cylinder,it can heat the cylinder surface
 whenever in a heating.While a piece of fabr~goes through the carpet and cylinder,it B ironed The carpet has
 an automatic wandring regulation function by itself.With the speed challge of frequency comverston,it is possible
 to adjust it according to every demand so as to get a good hot press and pre shrinkiilg result This machine
is also advanced in the following points:cooling air at outlet end for reliable size and fabric folding system in
Technical Specifications
□ Woring width:2600(2300)mm
□ Machanical speed:3~30m/rain
□ The temperature of cylinder:100~200℃
□ DOang methods~Vardble frequency
 L1 Motor power:6kw
□ Heating power:Electric heating tuhe(30Kw x 2)、Heat conduction
 oH heating、Steam heating
□ Weight:4.5t
□ Shape sizc(L×W×H):3960 x 1800×2500mm

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