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TPYL 2600 stenter setting machine

The machine is applicable to the auxiliary padding,tentering drying and setting for knitted/woven fabrics made of real
silk,cotton,wool,hemp or chemical fiber.
□ Type:Single layer horizontal chain return type with hot air circulation.
□ Machine hand:Left or right
□ RoHer width(mm):2200,2400,2600,2800,3000
Width adjustment range(mm):700-2000,700-2200,700-2400,700-2600,700-2800
□ Nominal speed:5-60m/min
□ Overfeeding range:-10% t0+30%(Upper overfscding may reach+ 90% when nominal speed is lower than 60m/min)
□ Temperature inside chambers:100-220℃
□ Heat source:Thermal oil,Gas/LPG,steam
□ Fabric held by:Pins,clips,or combined pin/clips
□ Delivery unit:Plailer,balcher or combined plalter/bacher
□ Edge control system:High precision infra-red type
□ TYpe of chain rails:Folded steel rails without oil lubrication
□ Number of chambers(n):4 i0,each 3m long
Process Flow
Entering→screw→expanding→infra→red centering→lower overfeeding→mechanical straightening→screw
expanding→upper overleeding→edge uncurling→pirming or clipping(with glueing)→Drying and thermosetting
→air cooling→edge trimming with suction→depinning or declipping→water drum cooling(oifly for woven fabric)
→plailing or batclfing

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