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TPYH2800(3200) unwound pre-shrinking drier

 To dry all types of fabric.
□ The conveyor of one laye is equipped to this machine,it is reliable and easy to repair The hot air recycling
 fan is a centrifugal blowing fan specially designed,it can spurt Out thc hot air at the high speed and pressure
□ Because of the unique nozzle design,advanced technology introduced fron Germany,it can blow the fabric on
many heights from different directions,so it can realize a best drying result at a shrinking rate of 7% while the
 fabric goes as waves.
□ Hot air recycling system:on option
□ PLC+touch screen control system:on option
Technical Specigications
□ Drying temperature
  Steam heating:100~140℃
  Heat conducting oil heating:100~170℃
  Gas/LPG heating:100~190℃
□ Number of boxes:4boxes,6boxes
□ Working width:2800(3200)mm
□ Mechanical sI)eed:3-35m/min
□ Motor power:4boxes 101.5kw、6boxes 148.5kw
□ Evaporation measurement:160kg/h/case
□ Shape size(L×W×it):
4bexes 13120×4990(5390)×4l85mm
6boxes 17320×4990(5390)×4185mm

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