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TPYD2400 stenter rubber...

TPYD2400 stenter rubber blanket clender/blanket preshpinking joint sorting machine

Applicable to the fabric of the stenter,moistening,rubber blanket calender,blanket preshrinking,make the fabric to meet the
requirements of the size stability and improve the normal loading feel Rubl)er blanket calendering unit and blanket preshrinking
unit modular combination.can choose any unit according to the used alone or in a combination of both.

□ Automatic suction wet steaming box,provide the hot steam
□ Stenter needle placed around transmission adopts synchronous control variable frequency speed reducer
□ Φ616 pressure roller and imported bearings
□ Rubber blanket for imports 67 mm thick rubber blanket
□ Special frequency modulation motor,fabric tension automatic control,shrblkage since the show,raan machine interface
□ Needle Dlate,rail are all made of stahfless steel materials
Technical Specifications
□ Working width:1800 3600mm
□ Working speed:0 35m/min
□ Shrinkage:≤5%
□ Motor power:80KW
□ IIeating:steam heating(0.3-0.5Mpa)、heat conducting 0il heating、electric heating
□ (67mm)Rubber blanket temperature:60℃- 140℃
□ (20mm)Blanket temperature:120℃1-70℃
□ Overall dimensions:18750×(A+2200)×2895mm

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